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A cool musical piano show with dueling pianos as the basis. Interact with a band of musicians who will perform your request with their unique spin. Do you like a set program? No problem at all....


Piano band

A cool musical piano show in which the dueling pianos are the basis. Interact with a group of musicians who play your request with their own sauce. Prefer a fixed program? No problem either...

With at least 2 grand pianos on stage and 1 extra small grand piano in the hall or tent, the band will explode from the stage as well as ensure that a real "Amstel sing-along party" is created in the middle of the hall.

Our piano band is suitable for all kinds of different occasions. For example, do you need music for a company party? Then you have come to the right place, you can also book this piano show for a wedding, festival, tent party, staff party, ceremonies, and whatever else you can think of. Click here for more information about our band.

Piano entertainment

The combinations for our live piano entertainment are endless, and with different price ranges, you can adjust the band for your own budget. No light and sound on-site? No problem, we can arrange the light and sound so that we give you the best experience for the piano show.

Our piano entertainment is very distinctive from other piano shows. From a singing pianist to a dancing saxophonist, our pianists entertain and interact with the audience. This band will also play request songs, you can make it as crazy as you want.

Cover band

Book this cover band for your party. The perfect conditions for this party band are generally in a well-filled marquee or a large stage at a festival. But because we are so flexible, this band is also suitable for a birthday party or wedding.


We have 3 standard sets for booking our artists/piano shows, but if you have a different proposal for a set, then anything is possible in good consultation with us. A well-organized piano show starts with good consultation between both parties. Clickherefor more information about our piano entertainment.

Book a piano show?

Should you be interested and think 'these "crazy" piano shows are for me'?  Please contact us, and as soon as we have more insight into what the occupancy will be, for example, we can set a price.

Would you like to book a standard piano show? Then you can also contact us for our price list, which you can do via our contact form or via the details on the right. Our piano show comes from Veluvine in Nunspeet to the TT-Festival in Assen with our pianist on location.

Click here to go to our contact form.

Bookings by:


Beste Band BV

Phone: +31  020-2440069

Viking Entertainment

+31  0413-296095

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