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Not a standard band but one to remember! We ensure that your evening will be unforgettable..... think along and ensure that everything goes as we agreed in advance.

Bio Great Pianos

The dueling piano players of Great Pianos have played in the craziest corners, from Lutjebroek to Riga and from Warschau to Liverpool. We are regularly asked to load the entire setting onto the plane and entertain guests at home and abroad.

Great Pianos distinguishes itself from the other piano shows by working with a full band a fabulous DJ and at big events also 3 grand pianos, 1 of which we put in the middle of the venue. Of course everything we play is played live.


Light, sound and ofcourse the grand pianos are built separately by one of the best sound agencies in the Netherlands, whom pay a lot of attention to details. They guaranty a professional show with technician knowing exactly to make the show shine at its best!

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